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Unlock All Features & Limits For 50% OFF!

Sometimes you need to take the software for a test drive before committing to a bigger plan. That’s why we sent you a coupon to unlock our top plans for limited time discount!


For a small annual fee, you can unlock unlimited access to features that subscribers ordinarily pay $970 – $1200/year. Hiro Premium gives you unlimited access to creates engaging, professional private podcasts–for lead magnets, courses, memberships and much more.

Our other subscribers normally pay between $970-$1,200 for these EXACT features you are getting today.

Here's What You Get Once You Go "Unlimited"

We take down all the fences!

Thank you for joining Hiro. Your membership is going to make it fun and easy to quickly produce engaging podcasts about whatever is on your mind… and make you look truly unique and professional.

Before you start using Hiro… I’ve got an amazing offer for you that is going to take anything you create in Hiro to the next level (…and add that extra “WOW” factor). This will only take 2 minutes. Please keep reading for details…

The feedback on Hiro has been fantastic. But… one thing our customers have told us is that they would love to have unlimited shows, contacts, automations, keywords and more — so they can have greater flexibility and more creative options when they’re making private, members only podcasts.

We get it. Sometimes you want the freedom to create, share, and engage without ever worrying about reaching your limit.

Having access to Hiro’s highest service levels gives you unlimited usage of our most popular features, plus advanced marketing and branding tools to position your podcast as the very best in your industry.

Imagine having the technology to broadcast your message around the globe without ever worrying about hitting a ceiling!

It’s the same great software, built around your most ambitious goals and aspirations. But it’s not just a bigger megaphone to magnify your voice; it’s also smarter, too.

Unlimited Usage

Now ordinarily with Hiro, you get 3 total private audio shows, keywords, automations.

But today, we’re offering a special one-time upgrade that’s going to give you access to an UNLIMITED shows, keywords, automations and more

So, instead of creating only 3 shows that come with your current Standard Hiro plan, your account will unlock unlimited access … so you’ll get an incredible:

& unlimited storage!

That’s unlimited usage of our most popular features… just imagine how much flexibility you’ll have with endless professional, high-converting shows to create.

Drip-Feed & Expire Episode Access

And that’s just the beginning of the benefits when you upgrade. Here’s another… Your Hiro Standard plan lets you release all your episodes to your listeners at once. This is perfect for binge listening like for audiobooks, courses or lead magnets.

But with a Business or Agency upgrade, you’re going to get to also Drip Release episodes or release episodes on a specific date or time. You also get the option to automatically expire access to create urgency

With those features, you’re going to get to:

There’s no denying: a podcast episode dropping into your account on autopilot is almost as exciting as hearing that knock at the door that means your pizza’s here. The kind of “notification dopamine rush” that creates daily anticipation – and raving fans.

Customization For Your Brand

No Hiro Branding & Ads

Plus, with Hiro Business or Agency upgrade, you can make your audio products and podcast episodes personal and cozy, for both you and your listeners.

A key part of developing a life-long relationships with your audience is making them feel like they are entering into YOUR world when they do their daily listening.

Custom branding is a bold and unmistakable way to align the platform with your visual identity.

Which Features Get An Upgrade
When You Make The Switch?

Hiro Business or Agency membership is designed to help you create deeper connections with your audience while automating all of the routine, mundane, boring details so you can focus on growth, engagement, and innovation in your business.

Advanced Analytics with Facebook,
Google, and Listener Location Map

Now you can *really* start to change your content based on the data, discovering your listener hotspots both around the globe and online – with robust analytics from Facebook, Google, and GPS location services.

Add Resources to Every Episode

Complement your episodes with videos, images and documents. Hey, not everyone is 100% auditory – so it’s good to mix it up and provide other resources they can look at and read along with, to deepen their immersion in your content. The key is, you don’t want to send it separately. Attach it to the episode so it complements what you’re saying, enriching their experience.

Make Your Audience
Use The Hiro Player App

With Solo, your listeners can access your podcasts through a wide variety of different platforms. That option is still available here, but you can also make your listeners download the Hiro app to listen. It offers a more personal experience. Fewer distractions. Better engagement.

Unlimited Custom Domains
With Embed Player Tech

You can connect as many custom domains as you want with Hiro! What, seriously? Yes. Plant your flag on countless “planets” and embed your files on those pages with ZERO tech skills required. It is literally “copy / paste” easy!

Unlimited Ai and Automation Capabilities

Connect Hiro to your email CRM, or vice versa – whatever you can imagine, you can make it real with Hiro. The system does all the work for you, so you don’t ever have to follow up with your customers again! It’s like a self-watering garden that grows without constant tending.

Additionally: no time limit on the clips you can convert from audio to text! Simply task the Hiro Bot with the tedious chore of transcribing all of your files from audio to text, or converting them from video to audio, so you can multiply your omnipresence by 10X without any effort!

Note: this feature is HIGHLY recommended for anyone with an existing body of content they need to convert over to Hiro, like a Youtube Channel.

Business & Agency Upgrade Benefits:

Massive Savings

And the best part is that you’ll get all of this for a steal, paying just a small price of $485/year for Business and $599/year for Agency.

But this offer isn’t available anywhere else, so if you’re interested, click the button below now.

Once you do, all of these additional shows, storage, and features will be automatically unlocked in your Hiro account, so you’ll immediately be able to enjoy the Hiro Business or Agency upgrade.

So, go ahead and click the “UPGRADE” button below, right now, to create unlimited shows that can get you even better results, with Hiro Business or Agency, our biggest and best version of!

Premium Support

With all of these features, you *might* need a teensy bit of help figuring out how to get it all up and running (even though it’s all *very* intuitive, I promise!)

Don’t worry, you get VIP treatment. Faster support. More guidance. And instant direct access to one of our best product support team members. Basically, skip the line and get faster service with a higher escalation immediately!

This alone could easily save you hundreds of dollars – depending on how much your time is worth…

Who is this for?

Good question! Not everyone needs Hiro Business or Agency. But if you relate to any of these descriptions below, you might not be able to achieve all your goals without it…

People Who Want To SCALE

If Hiro is the jet fuel for your growth engine, then upgrading today gives you an amazing view of clear blue skies ahead. No caps on downloads, storage, or audience reach. Not a cloud in sight – just infinite space to stretch your wings and see how far you can go.

Agencies with Teams

If you have multiple creators on your team, you need this upgrade. Hiro Solo only gives you 1 creator account; Agency gives you up to 5. Hiro lets you do it all under one easy organized and automated system, so you can focus on maximizing your team’s creative output.

Prolific Creators

This upgrade removes all the barriers to content creation and distribution. With the ability to launch unlimited shows and episodes to an infinite audience, you’re only restrained by the limits of your imagination.

Serious Marketers

Advanced analytics, unlimited keyword opt-ins for precision targeting, infinite broadcast SMS capabilities… Not to mention automation and AI. Upgrading is the right choice for focused marketers who play to win, and want the best tools to do so.

Thought Leaders & Authority Experts

Establishing yourself as an authority in your niche requires a platform that amplifies your voice while providing the credibility your content deserves. You’ll make use of the customizable sales pages, AI assistance, and custom branding to position yourself as THE go-to expert.

Agency Level

For businesses & agencies with multiple creators wanting higher discounts

Apply coupon at checkout

Just $599 billed annually

Business Level

For businesses that require unlimited plans and higher quotas

Apply coupon at checkout

Just $480 billed annually