The Transistor Alternative For Coaches, Course Creators and Experts

Attract, Sell & Retain With Audio & SMS

Transistor is only meant for podcasting. Hiro lets you create and upload existing content and use audio everywhere in your funnels to grow and monetize your audience.

“Yessss! It’s only day 1 of my summit and I made 11 SALES! Our customers love it and it’s only the beginning.”

Raphy Feolino

Less Work & Bigger Results

Will Transistor make your show work for you?
Or the other way around?

Transistor is great if you want to have a podcast. That’s a lot of hours producing, recording and editing before your content even goes live.

With Transistor, you can’t…

Grow your list with keyword opt-in

Repurpose video and turn it into audio

Get an instant sales page with each show

Hiro focuses on speed & monetization

Hiro is built for entreprenuers, not just podcasting professionals. Sell audio on your website, funnels and the most popular players to engage with your audience and grow your revenue.

Set up in 5 Minutes

Got video or audio already in place? Upload it to Hiro to create a podcast feed in minutes.

SMS Keyword Opt-in

Share your keyword in your videos, podcast, social and emails and watch your list grow

Unlimited Listeners

You work hard to win new customers. Hiro won’t limit how many people listen to your private feeds.


Things Hiro can do & Transistor won’t 🤔


Repurpose existing video & audio

Hiro automatically converts your videos and audio files into podcast feeds. Creators who already have content in place can get started with podcasting in minutes.


Decide who listens to what and for how long

Choose how long you want listeners to have access to your podcasts. Set expiration dates for entire feeds or episodes to encourage action, conversions and upgrades.


Drip and delay episodes

Give customers unlocked access to your entire feed, drip episodes one at a time or define specific dates you want each episode to go live. You are in control!


Integrate with +3000 apps via Zapier

You don’t just run a podcast, you manage a business. Hiro connects with all the tools you already love and use to help you run your business smoothly.

Features you’ll love

Get a slice of the $4.5B audio market without the headaches of a podcast

Create & launch shows in minutes

Keep 100% of your sales

Auto-add episodes from other platforms

Control access & piracy

Know who listened to what

Grow your SMS list

Convert listeners into buyers

Sell without building a sales page or funnel

Trigger automations for higher engagement

Upload your content, get private podcast — no hassle

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Reviews from creators

Don’t just take our word for it.

Wow! What a fantastic idea. Pure gold.

Lewis Meltz

Independant Consultant

OMG! This was by far the simplest way to create a digital product!

Angie Minucci

CEO at Teletch

It’s audio that you get to turn into moola! It’s so good! So good!

Nellie Corrivea


Hiro Gives You Full Control Over Your Content

Transistor Hiro
Anti-piracy Control
Drip Content
Expire Content
SMS Keyword Opt-in
Unlimited Shows

“Set it up in less than 5 minutes, created a zap in less than 2 minutes to add all my summit attendees to Hiro with a link to get their feed. It is a MIRACULOUS app. I will use it always.”

Kyrin Dunston MD

Hiro helps you nurture and upgrade listeners

Transistor Hiro
Manually add listeners
Member Management
Private listeners (per podcast)
Listener analytics

“Refund rates dropped by over 75% as soon as we started using Hiro.”

Kiana Danial

Hiro makes it easier to get started

Transistor Hiro
Convert video to audio
Monthly downloads
Lowest plan $19/mo $17/mo
Highest plan $99/mo $87/mo
Enterprise solution

Pricing & Plans

Create your audio show and build your SMS list today



no credit card required
  • 1 Auduo Show
  • Unlimited episodes
  • Unlimited listeners
  • Instant sales page
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no credit card required
  • 5 Audio Shows
  • Drip & Date release
  • SMS Keyword
  • Expire Content
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Super Hiro


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  • All features plus:
  • Unlimited audio shows
  • Dedicated support
  • Pricing control
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I’m already selling info products — what’s the best way to use Hiro?

Exciting! Hiro is the best tool for infopreneurs, coaches and consultants who want to monetize their products and services by attracting, upselling and retaining customers using podcasts. Here are some ways you can use Hiro:
+ Create private podcasts and sell it directly to your list
+ Create an audio version of your existing course and share it with your email list.
+ Provide audio feedback for your coaching groups.
+ Turn Clubhouse conversations into public podcasts you can share on your website.
+ Create an order bump for your core product with weekly audio nuggets.
+ Anything else you can imagine to keep your list engaged and loyal.

Can you drip/expire content in allows you to create private podcasts you can share with team members or subscribers but it won’t let you drip or expire content. Hiro is one of the few alternatives that offer this level of access control. You can drip episodes to new users and expire access when you choose, on a per-listener basis.

Does automatically convert videos to audio?

With, users can only upload a pre-recorded podcast onto the platform. The alternative is Hiro, where you don’t need to go through the process of creating audio content from scratch, if you don’t need to. Use Hiro to simply upload existing videos and convert them into audio. Go live in minutes, not days.

What kind of analytics do I get in Hiro, compared to focuses on giving you high-level analytics on how your podcasts are consumed. Hiro is focused on helping you get better retention and monetization results for your products and services. That’s why we provide listener analytics that you can use to see which members of your audience listen to your content, when, and for how long.

Create your first show in minutes

Get everything you need to create shows to build your list, turn cold leads to hot and incease sales and booked calls.