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With Hiro, you’re not just launching content; you’re launching conversations

Enter into the era of SMS chat — the way your audience prefers to communicate

SMS Have 99% Open Rate

Unlike email that ends up in the digital dumpster of spam, SMS have a whopping 99% open rate.

SMS Are Open In 10 Seconds

Did you know that most SMS are opened within 10 seconds of receiving them. Which is perfect for delivering messages just at the right time.

$1 Spent = $147 Earned

On average, for each dollar spent on SMS marketing, $147 are earned. That’s a huge return on investment!

Short & Easy To Write

Unlike emails that need a specialist skills to write them, anyone can compose a short SMS.

45% Opt-in Rate

SMS keyword opt-in has an amazing 45% opt-in rate, compared to email opt-in which is only 1-3%.

Personal & Hard To Ignore

In this day and age, most of our messages are through SMS, not email. In fact, when surveyed, most preferred to communicate via SMS over any other medium.

Higher Engagement

On average, links in emails get clicked only 2%. But if you add a link to an SMS, they get clicked around 40%!

Hiro Has SMS Baked In

Telynx or Twilio Integration with one tap. Set up your number on either Telynx or Twilio and add it into Hiro so you can unlock all the SMS features in Hiro.
Automate Messages for more passive income. Create messages that send at an exact point in your show to provide more value or get your listener to take action.
Chat with your lister and build massive trust and long lasting relationships. Our inbox feature lets you send SMS messages back and forth in one platform.
Broadcast messages to all your contacts or a group of people with just a few taps. You can even schedule broadcasts at future dates and times.

Easily Create Keyword Opt-ins

Build your list with keyword opt-in — right in Hiro. Easily connect your Telnyx or Twilio number so your audience can text a word to your number and get access to your show…all through SMS.
Automate sales with one word by texting back the link to your sales page. This is perfect for monetizing your followers with one automated system.
Share your keywords on everything to promote your show and grow you list. Put it in your email signature, websites, share it on your podcast or videos, in your social media bios. Everywhere!

Seriously Improve Your Lead Conversion Rates

Book your calendar full of hot leads by texting them to link to your calendar when they get your show.
Sell other products by sending them links to courses, events or even physical products. This is perfect for coaches, course creators and online experts.
Capture your followers details so you know exactly who is tuning into your show. This works for TV, podcasts, YouTube, TikTok, Reels and pretty much anywhere you have an audience.

Launch your private podcast fast… no mater your tech skills