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Hey there! If you missed the incredible Telnyx and SMS workshop with Colleen Hammond, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. This session was a goldmine of information for anyone looking to dive into SMS marketing without getting tangled in legal snares.

Watch the replay or read the notes below

1. The Changing Landscape of Digital Communication Did you know that the rules of email marketing are changing rapidly? Mark Ress highlighted a crucial update: starting February 1st, bulk emails need to be sent from domain-specific addresses, not generic ones like Gmail, to avoid being marked as spam.

2. The Importance of Legal Compliance Colleen Hammond stressed the importance of including opt-out language on sign-up pages to avoid legal issues. Remember, each non-compliant text can lead to hefty fines!

3. SMS Over Email – Why It’s the Future Here’s a fun fact: Text messages have an average response time of 11 minutes compared to email’s 90 minutes. Plus, a staggering 73% of clients prefer text messaging. These stats alone make a compelling case for SMS marketing.

4. High Engagement Rates The Click-Through Rate (CTR) for SMS is a whopping 19%, dwarfing email’s 2.5%. This difference is huge when it comes to marketing effectiveness.

5. Creative Uses of SMS Think beyond standard alerts; SMS can be used for order bumps, membership updates, and more. It’s all about building a connection with your audience.

6. First Contact Rules Remember, the first time you text someone, it’s a carrier rule to include all opt-out information. Colleen recommends sending a welcome message inviting them to save your contact details.

7. Picking the Right Number and Provider Avoid using links in your texts (they can get you shut down) and choose a toll-free number over a long 10-digit one. And when it comes to providers, Telnyx is more cost-effective than Twilio.

8. Banned Words and Character Counts Stay away from using banned words and phrases in your texts. Keep your messages short, sweet, and personal – aim for around 100 characters without emojis.

9. Cost-Effective Pricing Comparing costs, Telnyx offers the most budget-friendly rates for SMS marketing.

10. Final Thoughts Colleen’s workshop was a treasure trove of insights and practical tips. From understanding the importance of legal compliance to leveraging the immediacy of SMS, the session was a vital guide for anyone looking to step into the world of SMS marketing with confidence and creativity.

Got questions for Colleen? You can book a call with her here:

Stay tuned for more insights and tips on digital marketing strategies!

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