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Create An Audio Course in Minutes With Ai

Discover how to go from idea to 12-episode private podcast using AI and Audio. You don’t even have to touch a mic. We break it all down in this free audio course (prompts included)

All this for free?! My mind is spinning with all sorts of ideas. This will be perfect for capturing leads from my podcast.

Jonathan Taylor

Embed your show into your website or just a few sample episodes

With a simple copy-paste, you can embed your show on any website, showcasing your content anywhere you wish, just like you see here.

Meet The Instructor

Hi, I’m Carla

I’m the founder and CEO of Most recently, I’ve helped businesses big and small hit 7-figures by adding audio to their product offering.

My software and coaching has helped A-list celebrities, world record breakers, Fortune 500 companies and more. And I share it all in this exclusive audio training.

Reach me on Twitter or Instagram.

Lastly, be sure to check out the no-code sales page.