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"All this for free? Are you kidding me. My mind was spinning with all sorts of ideas!"

Jonathan Taylor

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Profit from audio without launching a podcast, funnel or even picking up a mic

How audio and SMS can skyrocket your business

Mind blowing ideas to make your shows sell fast

Success stories from our Super Hiros

Simple shows you can create in a day

How to get a flood of listeners with one social media post

10 ways to profit from members only audio shows

How one sentence converts more listeners

Why lead magnets are dead

What to expect after adding Hiro to your business

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Wow! What a fantastic idea. Pure gold.

Lewis Meltz

Independant Consultant

OMG! This was by far the simplest way to create a digital product!

Angie Minucci

CEO at Teletch

It’s audio that you get to turn into moola! It’s so good! So good!

Nellie Corrivea


About the host

Carla White

Hey! My name is Carla White and I’m the founder and CEO of Most recently, I’ve helped businesses big and small hit 7-figures by adding audio to their product offering.

My software and coaching has helped A-list celebrities, world record breakers, Fortune 500 companies and more. And I share it all in this members only show.

Reach me on Twitter or Instagram.

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