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We don't like to brag, but we're changing the game

“It's audio that you get to turn into moola! It's so good! So good!”

Nellie CorriveauCEO

“Hiro was an answer to my struggle to podcasting.”

Wei HoungCEO

“We made money from our Hiro shows, and they saved us thousands in refund requests!”

Kiana DanialInvest Diva

“I was able to launch an audiobook in a couple of hours and instantly get leads.”

Anne NelsonCEO

“I feel so supported and you are over delivering all the time.”

Jason MooreCEO

“Never before have I used a product that is so easy and I’ve used a lot of software!”

Barbi Jo HatchCEO

“I’m cancelling all of my other services! Hiro does everything I need.”

Amber JarraMarketing Director

“It’s the easiest way to build a list of hyper buyers and super fans.”

Evans PutmanPodcast Coach

“I never experienced a software like this that is so easy and makes an impact.”

Latasha MitchellAgency CEO

“My Hiro show outsells all my other products. My clients are busy and love audio.”

Nina RoccoTransformation Coach

“I’m done with funnels! In fact, I made $20,000 my first day with”

Iris GermanyCEO

“We added Hiro to our upsell and it started selling right away!”

Raphy FeolinoCo-founder, Holy Couples

“No one is show up for Zoom calls anymore. They don’t want to be at home. Hiro is the future.”

DiAna CarsolaCEO

“It’s a game changer. Hands down”

DerekWin Hoff Coach

“No one works as hard as Carla. No one will fight as hard for you to win as her.”

JennaMeditation Coach

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I published my audiobook on Hiro and it’s been amazing! We love it!

Kimberly CaggianoAuthor

OMG! This was by far the simplest way to create a digital product!

Angie MinucciCEO at Teletch

Hiro is a life changing product for course creators and coaches who are worried about piracy of their content.

Vamsi PannalaWeb Developer

My Starrs are all killing it because Hiro makes it so easy!

Angie NorrisCEO

I struggled to find a way to create my audiobook and then I discovered Hiro and it is AMAZING!

Kyrin DunstonAuthor

All my audiobooks are distributed by Hiro. It's secure, easy and reliable.

Bryan DulaneyCEO of Funnel Boss