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Passive Income Is A Snap With Audio

Boost Profits With
Interactive Private Podcasts

Audio Gets You More Attention

People listen to an hour and half of audio content a day! Compare that to short form video, ads or emails (you get seconds there), and you’re commanding more attention and time.

Nothing Beats Audio When It Comes To Trust

Did you know that trust is picked up through the voice, which happens to be the most under-utilized yet powerful tool we all have. Without trust, your business will crumble.

Listeners Spend More Money

People who listen to audio have deeper pockets. Audio caters to the 20% of the market that has 80% of the buying power, in every market. This is where you want to dig for gold because this is where gold will be found.

Audio Makes Is Way Easier To Deliver

You don’t need videos, slides, membership sites, funnels or all of the things that can hold you back for months, sometimes years. In fact, with audio, you don’t even need a website making it easier and faster to profit.

1-Tap Access Increases Sales

We get dinner, movies and our groceries at a tap of a button right on our phone. When your business enters the 1-tap-instant world, you get higher conversions, customer satisfaction and word-of-mouth referrals (the best marketing you can get!)

Recoup 90% Of Your Time

Instead of spending all your time wresting with website builders, slides, video editors, and membership sites, you’ll be enjoying more time doing what you love because you can create everything right on your phone!

You’ll Can Charge 5-20x More

Your audio show positions you as an expert or an advisor, not as a sales person, which is important! If people are essentially paying you to advise them, you’re showing them in advance that you can do this with your show, allowing you to command higher rates for your services.

Effortlessly Launch Your Show

Import from YouTube and instantly create a show from your channel. Videos are automatically converted to MP3, titles and descriptions are all imported. All you have to do is sell (or give it away to build your list).
Import from RSS and instantly create a show from your an existing podcast. Port your show from your old platform in a single click.
Use a share code and build out the entire show, automations and keyword opt-in in one click. Hiro lets you share your entire show setup so others can create the same show with one code. This is perfect for giving people resell rights to your show.
Create from scratch by uploading your MP3’s or videos to Hiro. Turn courses, coaching, calls and more into profits.

Easily Sell Or Build Your List

No-code sales page that comes with each show is a breeze to set up so you can start selling instantly. Simply connect your Stripe account. Best of all, you keep 100% of the sales.
Build your list with keyword opt-in — right in Hiro. Easily connect your Telnyx or Twilio number so your audience can text a word to your number and get access to your show…all through SMS.
Use your own funnel or website to promote your show and connect it directly to Hiro. Our Zapier Zap and public API connects with over 10,000 platforms. And we also have a Go High Level app that is absolutely free to use!

Seriously Improve Your Lead Conversion Rates

Drip episodes to give them a taste of your awesomeness and insure completion before they start the next episode.
Expire access to create urgency to get them to listen. You can expire access to an entire show or to episodes.
Sample episodes so listeners can get a taste of you amazing content and pay to unlock the rest.

Launch your private podcast fast… no mater your tech skills