Hiro is the #1 alternative to Patreon for podcasters

Choose Hiro — the audio platform that doesn’t take a cut of your sales

The main difference between Hiro and Patreon is that Patreon can take up to 15% of your earnings. Hiro charges a flat monthly fee. No matter how much revenue you make, it’s 100% yours.

Hiro customers profit first

I published my audiobook on Hiro and it’s been amazing! We love it!

Kimberly Caggiano

Web Developer

It’s the easiest way to build a list of hyper buyers and super fans.

Evans Putman

Podcast Sales Machine

I struggled to find a way to create my audiobook and then I discovered Hiro and it is AMAZING!

Kyrin Dunston

Founder of The Hormone Club

Your Hard Work, Your Profits

Patreon makes money by squeezing your profits

Did Patreon help you:
  • Plan and promote your projects?
  • Create merchandise?
  • Book speaking gigs?


Then why do they deserve to take a whopping 15% of your income or hold your money for weeks before you actually get paid?

Patreon users say they are tired of sharing their revenues

Looking for a Patreon alternative? You’re not the only one.

“The expenses are excessively over the top. Patrons who contribute $1 will have the vast majority of that support vanish into charges.”

Verified review on G2

“Patreon takes a good cut of your earnings”

Verified review on G2

“I am a content creator and apparently, my money has been "Stuck" between Patreon and Paypal.”

Verified review on Trustpilot

“...while it does the job the platform and processing fees are pretty outrageous.”

Verified review on Trustpilot

“I am left with no other option other than to wait around on them while they hold the money paid by my patrons hostage.”

Verified review on Trustpilot

“Avoid Patreon. They rob creators and get away with using passive-aggressive tactics.”

Verified review on G2

Whether you’re making $10 or $100,000

Hiro will never take a cut of your sales

Patreon is free to start but keeps charging you more and more as your business grows. If you’re tired of sharing a cut of your hard-earned money, here are 6 reasons to choose Hiro.

Simple, predictable pricing

Hiro charges a fixed monthly fee. The money you make from your product is 100% yours. Hiro doesn't take a cut.

No need to be live 24/7

Convert your existing content into a private podcast with just a few clicks. No technical skills required.

You name your price

Crowdfunding platforms are built for donations. Hiro let’s you monetize audio at any price you choose.

Seemless experience

Hiro makes it easy for your audience to purchase access to your show with our instant sales page, keyword optin & more

Focused on businesses

Patreon targets everyone, while Hiro is dedicated to helping expert creators monetize their content.

Targeted marketing

Knowing who listened to what, gives you the power to use automations for targeted marketing and higher conversions


Hiro helped increase our conversion rate 12% by allowing our members to upgrade to the private podcast."

Raphy Feolino

Hiro is the best Patreon alternative for premium content

Predictable price for you, better experience for your tribe 🙌


Pay $0 in commissions and processing fees

The more you make, the more Patreon takes. Hiro is the Patreon alternative that doesn’t punish you for growing. It’s your creation, your genius, your hard work — it should be your money to keep.


Price your audio products to match your funnels

The average donation in Patreon is $6.70. Hiro doesn’t limit your earnings potential. You’re free to choose a price for each podcast you create, with special focus on membership tiers, value ladders and repeat buyers.


Choose how listeners consume your content

Drip and expire episodes to keep fans engaged. Block specific users from accessing your content, if you choose to. You’re in control of your own product.


Protect private content from being shared everywhere

Keep your audio products safe from digital downloads and link sharing. Be confident knowing that your content is protected by a company who cares about the work entrepreneurs and content creators do.


Go live or repurpose existing content

Donations suffer if you don’t spend time with fans live, on Patreon. Hiro converts your existing content into podcasts and drips episodes to keep listeners engaged without being forced to go live.


Integrate with +3000 apps via Zapier

You don’t just run a podcast, you manage a business. Hiro connects with all the tools you already love and use to help you run your business smoothly.

Features you’ll love

Get a slice of the $4.5B audio market without the headaches of a podcast

Create & launch shows in minutes

Keep 100% of your sales

Auto-add episodes from other platforms

Control access & piracy

Know who listened to what

Grow your SMS list

Convert listeners into buyers

Sell without building a sales page or funnel

Trigger automations for higher engagement

Customer support that understands the needs of creators

Patreon is spread thin trying to satisfy every type of creator — have you read their customer support reviews? 👎. Hiro is laser-focused on helping infopreneurs monetize their content and create better products for their customers.

14 Day Free Trial • No Credit Card Required

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Reviews from creators

Don’t just take our word for it.

Hiro is a life changing product for course creators and coaches who are worried about piracy of their content.

Vamsi Pannala

Web Developer

Tested Hiro and immediately saw the potential. Amazing tool!

Dan Safkow

Chief Volunteer

I published my audiobook on Hiro and it’s been amazing! We love it!

Kimberly Caggiano

Web Developer
Hiro is the best Patreon alternative

Hiro doesn’t take a cut of your earnings

Patreon Hiro
Starter plan 5% of your profits + payment processing fees of up to 5% $17/mo • No commission, no transaction fee
Middle plan 8% of your profits + payment processing fees of up to 5% $67/mo • No commission, no transaction fee
Middle plan 12% of your profits + payment processing fees of up to 5% $87/mo • No commission, no transaction fee

“Set it up in less than 5 minutes, created a zap in less than 2 minutes to add all my summit attendees to Hiro with a link to get their feed. It is a MIRACULOUS app. I will use it always.”

Kyrin Dunston MD

Hiro vs Patreon – Feature comparisons

Hiro offers more features for monetization & list building

Transistor Hiro
List monetization pinching-hand-apple (1) money-bag_1f4b0
Drip content
Expire content
Listener analytics
Anti piracy control

“I am so impressed with Hiro! Not only is it a cutting edge private podcast platform but their customer service is unbeatable. I get nearly instant live help."

Dr. Sally Littleton

Hiro supports entrepreneurs who want to grow their business

Transistor Hiro
Priority customer support
List builders
Detailed stats
Enterprise solution

Pricing & Plans

Create your audio show and build your SMS list today



no credit card required
  • 1 Auduo Show
  • Unlimited episodes
  • Unlimited listeners
  • Instant sales page
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no credit card required
  • 5 Audio Shows
  • Drip & Date release
  • SMS Keyword
  • Expire Content
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Super Hiro


no credit card required
  • All features plus:
  • Unlimited audio shows
  • Dedicated support
  • Pricing control
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I’m already selling info products — what’s the best way to use Hiro?

Exciting! Hiro is the best tool for infopreneurs, coaches and consultants who want to monetize their products and services by attracting, upselling and retaining customers using podcasts. Here are some ways you can use Hiro:
+ Create private podcasts and sell it directly to your list
+ Create an audio version of your existing course and share it with your email list.
+ Provide audio feedback for your coaching groups.
+ Turn Clubhouse conversations into public podcasts you can share on your website.
+ Create an order bump for your core product with weekly audio nuggets.
+ Anything else you can imagine to keep your list engaged and loyal.

Is Hiro the best Patreon alternative?

There are many options out there for podcasters, but Hiro is the best place for creators to easily get started with audio. It’s a super simple platform that allows you to repurpose existing videos instead of recording from scratch. Hiro lets you leverage audio everywhere in your funnels. if your purpose is to attract, upsell and retain customers, Hiro is the best way to monetize your audience.

Can I use Hiro as a crowdfunding platform?

Even though Patreon is better suited for crowdfunding campaigns, you can still use Hiro for this purpose. You can upload exclusive content as audio podcasts or sell online courses. Hiro is your own membership platform. Get fans and supporters to pay a small amount to access your products, without paying transaction fees.

How do I get paid in Hiro?

All sales you make are through your own platform. Every dollar your fans pay you go straight to you. Unlike Patreon, we don’t hold onto your payments. There are no platform fees — choose one Hiro plan and pay a fixed monthly subscription.

Am I losing out if I’m putting out audio instead of video?

Not one bit! In fact, many users prefer learning through audio over video. Why? Convenience. Unlike video, you don’t have to sit still to listen to audio. You can take it with you everywhere, while you’re driving or doing errands. The benefit of audio is limitless.

Create your first show in minutes

Get everything you need to create shows to build your list, turn cold leads to hot and incease sales and booked calls.