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Why Start An Audio Show

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“Hiro helps you profit from audio by building your community, your brand and creating another revenue stream, all without the headache of creating a podcast.”

– Evans Putman

Do you remember the late 1990s when the emergence of blogs everywhere was sudden. Do you remember their explosive growth in popularity? There’s a similar phenomenon happening today, with audio – especially podcasts and audiobooks.

Podcasts and audiobooks are booming: Last year, Apple reported its podcasts topped 50 billion all-time downloads and streams. According to 2019 Edison Research, podcasting has been on a steady rise since 2006, growing by a whopping 300%. Today, approximately 90 million Americans listen to an average of 7 podcasts a week. Along with the increases in podcast listening, audiobook consumption and revenues continue to rise, indicating a trend towards increased spoken word audio consumption.

Spotify started out as a music platform, but has quickly become a leading distributor and incubator of podcasts through a series of acquisitions and significant financial investment.

Increase Exposure and Brand Awareness

According to survey results published by the Statista Research Department, 37% of the U.S. population listened to a podcast within a month of answering in 2020. The number of U.S. listeners has tripled over the last decade! Podcasts is not only popular in the U.S., it’s a global phenomenon. There is an estimated 31.5m podcast consumers in Mexico, 15.6m in the UK and 20% of Germans listen also.

YouTube alone is the world’s 2nd most visited website, with over 2.3 billion active users worldwide. Hiro lets you import you content directly into a private audio show, creating a new list builder or revenue stream with just a couple of clicks.

Hiro is an automated system that distributes your audios to members only. Meaning, listeners give you something like an email or a credit card, in exchange for access to your shows. This is premium content so it’s important that it isn’t pirated or available to just anyone.

Audio lets you reach new customers who don’t have time for video calls.

Increase Attention & Stay Time

The typical play through rate of audio is 87%. In other words, when a listener starts a show, they normally finish listening to it as well.

Video, on the other hand, has a 17 second play through rate. So the view watches 17 seconds and then poof! They’re gone.

Research discovered that people are normally working out, cleaning or driving as they listen to their audio shows. These tasks mean they don’t want to have to look at their phone. In fact, audio is said to make the tech invisible and more like a one-on-one conversation as your listeners goes about their day.

Increase completion rates of your shows also means increased results. Your listeners get results faster and so they come back to you for more. This increases your repeat buyers and word-of-mouth marketing — the best marketing you can ever have!

Build long-term relationships with your users through whichever medium they prefer.

Attention is the new currency and audio outperforms all other social platforms by miles.

Grow Your Audience & Profits

A bigger audience means a bigger impact you’re making in the word and your own life. Someone right now is wishing for the knowledge and details that you have, but creating courses and programs can take months, sometimes years.

With Hiro, you can have a show up and running in an afternoon. We offer a variety of ways to get a flood of listeners so you can grow your list and profits.

Have people text a keyword to our dedicated number to get access to your show. And you grow your SMS and email list.

Embed your show in your website, either public or gated, to allow them to listen on their desktop.

Or use our no-code sales page to start profiting from your show without having to build a site or funnel.

Save Time & Money

Running a regular podcast, launching a course or building your list can be costly. The true cost lies not in the equipment though, but in the hours spent planning, producing, editing and fumbling with all the tech. Spend months trying to grow your business or let Hiro handle it all for you.

With Hiro, you free up your time to focus on what’s important: your business.

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