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Why aren’t my contacts (listeners) receiving emails or SMS messages?

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If you have contacts that opted into your show and aren’t receiving the access email or SMS text, please check the following:

Is your show set to “live”? You can check this by checking your show settings:

    Do you have at least one episode in your show set to “live”?

    You must have at least one live episode. If you don’t, upload an episode and set it to “live”.

    Is your email connected correctly?

    First, you need to connect your email account to your Hiro account so that emails can be sent using your email address. This improves deliverability and open rates. You can see the steps to connect your email account here.

    Second, if you connect your email account, test the connection. You can do that in your email account settings. If the connection fails, please fix the connection and text again.

    Did the contact text to opt-in and they are waiting on an access email too?

    If the contact text a keyword to get access to the show, and are expecting an email as well, they won’t receive one. Only an SMS is sent with the access details.

    An email IS NOT sent as well.

    This happens for a couple of reasons. One is to ensure that you control access to your show. Second is for a better user experience.

    Need customer support? If you tested all of the above and have an unlimited plan, please contact support for additional help. You can open a ticket here.
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