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Who are We?

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Hiro is created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. We have over 150 years of combined technical talent.

Our mission is to make your life amazing!

Hiro’s mission is to improve humanity by giving people the opportunity to share their creativity and knowledge and billions of fans the opportunity to enjoy and be inspired by it.

Our story

Focused on knowledge sharing

Hiro was founded by the first woman to launch an iPhone app, Carla White. Her app, Gratitude Journal, is still going strong in the App Store. Back in 2019, Carla ran a successful 21 Day Mindset Reset Challenge – helping her Gratitude users adapt healthy habits.

One day a woman joined the challenge and asked if she could just get the audios of all the coaching. She wasn’t going to make the live sessions and wouldn’t get the replays, so the audio would be perfect.

A few days after Carla gave her the audios, she showed up live in the private Facebook group sharing that she binged listened to everything and it completely changed her. So much, that her teen son noticed and felt that he could confide in her that he was contemplating suicide.

That’s when Carla decided to add audio to all of her coaching. And to her surprise, her completion rates went up, her repeat buyers increased and word-of-mouth marketing was bringing in new clients.

The future of Hiro

Since launching in 2020, Hiro has hit several goals in targets. Hiro has helped thousands of businesses profit from audio.

Going forward, we will continue to focus on making audio more interactive, like a two-way conversation.

Our goal is to make knowledge sharing easy and enjoyable as well as accessible to all. We also want it to help businesses grow their brand, community and profits in a way that improves the communities’ lives and well being.

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