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Step-By-Step Videos

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Step 1: Setting up your Hiro account

In this video, we walk you through:

  1. Connecting your email
  2. Connecting your Open Ai API
  3. Connecting your Stripe account
  4. Connecting your custom domain
  5. Connecting your phone number

Step 2: Setting up your profile

Your profile highlights all your shows in one place along with your social media links, bio and description of your shows. It’s a great way to share all your shows in your social media bios, email signatures and website.

This video walks you through setting up your page and some important details that you need to know, even if you don’t plan to use the page!

Step 3: Creating your first show

Hiro offers four easy ways to create your private podcast shows.

1. Create from scratch

2. Import from your YouTube channel

3. Import from Apple Podcast or using an RSS URL

4. Import from another Hiro users with a share code

This video walks you through the four ways to create your show and how to set up your episodes including:

1. Attaching files, videos and images to your shows

2. Setting how users access episodes

3. Setting how long users get access to your show

Step 4: Setting up the no-code sales page

With Hiro, every show comes with a no-code sales page so you can start profiting without funnels or websites. This video walks you through some of the cool features on the Sales Page as well as important first steps before you go live!

Step 5: Setting up your SMS keyword opt-in

With Hiro, you can give your audience access to your show by having them text a keyword to your dedicated phone number. This is super easy to set up in Hiro.

1. Select a word that is easy to remember and type

2. Create a new keyword

3. Share with your audience!

Step 6: Embedding your show

Hiro lets you embed an entire show or certain episodes on your web page. This video walks you through the steps and shares what the embedded player looks like on your web page.

Step 7: Setting up automations

Hiro is the only interactive private podcasting platform on the planet, meaning you can automate messages to send based on the listener behavior. This lets you create a more engaging show on autopilot, as well as promote other products and services.

This video walks you through how to create automations and some ninja tricks the pro’s use.

Step 8: Engage with inbox

Text messages have a 99% open rate and 40% click-through rate, which makes them the best way to get your audience to take action on new deals, events and more. Hiro lets you chat with your listeners and set up automated broadcasts with just a few clicks.

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