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Setting up your Hiro phone number

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Learn how to select the free number that comes with your Hiro plan or add your own Twilio number.
Complimentary phone numbers are no longer provided by Hiro with your account. Instead, create a phone number in Twilio and connect that number to your Hiro account. Please refer to this article.

Hiro members with Solo or Business plans receive a free number with your plan. You can set up your phone number anytime but we like to assist you while you are setting up your account.

Selecting Your Hiro Number

Phone numbers that come with your Hiro membership are US based only. If you need a non-US number, scroll down to the section about adding your own Twilio number.

The steps to selecting your Hiro phone number:

  1. Enter your preferred area code
  2. If that code is available, numbers with that code will display
  3. If that code is not available, select a different code
  4. If you want to see more numbers, select “Show more numbers”
  5. Select the number you wish to have and it will be added to your account.

Add a Twilio Number

You can set up a number in Twilio and use it in Hiro. This allows you to use the SMS features if you don’t have a free Hiro number with your account or need to use a non-US number.

How to add a Twilio number:

  1. Set up the number in Twilio
  2. Log into your Hiro account
  3. Click “Integrations” (bottom left menu)
  4. Add you “Account SID” and “Account Token” (these can be found in your Twilio dashboard)
  5. Select the number you want to use with Hiro
  6. And that’s it!
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