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Listener stats and details

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This article explains what details you can view with each listener. Unlike regular podcasts where you have no idea who exactly heard what, with Hiro, you can see who listened, when and how. Let’s dive in.

About your listeners

Hiro tracking helps you manage customer care, refund requests and trouble shoot issues. Here’s an overview of the stats you have access to:

  1. Which player used to listen to your show
  2. Which device used to listen to your show
  3. When they got access to your show
  4. When they added your show to a player
  5. When they last listened
  6. How many episodes they listened to
  7. How long they listed to each episode
When reaching out to Hiro support on behalf of your listeners, please always have their account details, platform and player used. This helps us resolve the issue faster.
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