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How to set up SMS Keyword Opt-in

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The SMS keyword opt-in feature is an easy way to give access to your show and grow your contact list without creating websites, forms or emails.

You must have an active Hiro phone number to use the Keyword Opt-in feature.

The steps to creating a keyword opt-in:

  1. Select Keyword from the left menu and new
  2. Enter the word that your audience will text to your dedicated number
  3. Select the show or shows that will be given to your audience when they text the keyword
  4. Optional: You may customize the reply messages
  5. Optional: Name and email are collected by default but you can turn these off
  6. Share your Hiro phone number and keyword on your podcast, social media, newsletter and promo materials
Tip 1: Even though you ask for an email address, the listener will only receive a text message reply with the access link
Tip 2: Set up different keywords to track where your listeners are coming from. For example, if you are podcast guest, use the host’s name as the keyword to track which listeners came from that show.
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