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How to give Listeners access to your show

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This article describes how to give your customers access to your private podcast, audiobook and audio shows. Giving listeners access to your show is important to us, so we are constantly creating new ways to make it even easier to share your show.

Eight Ways To Add listeners

Below are all the different ways you can give your audience access to your show:

  • SMS keyword opt-in
  • No-code sales page
  • Manually
  • Bulk upload
  • Zapier Zap
  • Stripe Payment link
  • Public API
  • High Level app

Let’s go through these to see which is best for your show.

SMS Keyword Opt-in

The SMS keyword opt-in feature is an easy way to give access to your show and grow your contact list without creating websites, forms or emails.

You must connect a number either from Twilio or Telnyx to use the SMS features in

The steps to creating a keyword opt-in:

  1. Select Keyword from the left menu and new
  2. Enter the word that your audience will text to your dedicated number
  3. Select the show or shows that will be given to your audience when they text the keyword
  4. Optional: You may customize the reply messages
  5. Optional: Name and email are collected by default but you can turn these off
  6. Share your Hiro phone number and keyword on your podcast, social media, newsletter and promo materials

No-Code Sales Page

The great thing about using Hiro is you can start selling access to your show quickly, without setting up sales pages and complicated websites. Each show comes with its own dedicated Hiro sales page so you can either sell or give away access to your show right away.

The steps to setting up your sales page:

  • Click on the show in the left hand column
  • Select the ‘Sales Page’ tab at the top of the page
  • Set your price, description, reviews and FAQ’s
  • Optional: Set your domain and tracking code
  • Save the page
  • Go back to your show overview and turn the show from “Draft” to “Live”
  • Click the “Sales Page” button on your show overview screen to view the page
You must connect your Stripe account to accept payments from the no-code sales page.

Manually add a single listener

If you want to add a single listener, you can do that directly in the Hiro web app. This is a great way to test the show yourself and create screen shots for promotional material.

  • Log into the Hiro web app
  • Hover over “Contacts” and the dot will change to a “Plus sign”
  • Click the plus sign
  • Select “Single Contact”
  • Enter the details and select shows they will be given access to
  • An email and/or text message will be sent instantly
Email address is required to send access to your show.

Bulk upload

Want to give access to a group of people without asking them to sign up? The Bulk Upload feature is perfect for that. Here’s how you add a group of listeners at once.

  • Log into the Hiro web app
  • Hover over “Contacts” and the dot will change to a “Plus sign”
  • Click the plus sign
  • Select “Bulk Upload”
  • Upload your CSV file of contacts
  • Select the show or shows you want to give them access to
  • An email and/or text message will be sent instantly
Please make sure you don’t have any extra “header” rows in your CSV. If the sample CSV has labels, please remove them first and only upload data to Hiro.

Zapier Zap

Often you want to give customers access when they purchase from your website or funnel. You can do this using our Zapier Zap.

Our Zapier Zap lets you automatically add listeners from other platforms. You need a Zapier account to add listeners from other platforms. Zapier is free with limited features.

If you use DM’s and chats to sell access, Stripe Payment Links is a great way to sell access to your show without webpages or having your customer leave the chat. Best of all, they are very easy to set up.

  • Log into Hiro and select your show
  • Go to the “Money” tab
  • Set a price for the product & save. This creates the product in your Stripe account.
  • Log into Stripe and select the product you just created in Hiro.
  • Select “Create Payment Link”
  • Style the payment link how you like
  • Save and copy the link URL
  • Share this URL with your audience to give them access
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