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How set up the no-code sales page (video)

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Sell Instantly With Hiro Sales Page

Sales page means no funnels or external sites to set up to start selling. Hiro includes all the elements of best selling sales pages in one place.

You must first connect your Stripe account to collect money from your sales page. Stripe will issue a small charge for each payment. Hiro doesn’t take anything, no matter what plan you have.

How to set you your sales page

  1. Select the show for your sales page
  2. Select the ‘Sales Page’ tab at the top of the page
  3. Set your price, description, reviews and FAQ’s
  4. Optional: Set your own URL, Facebook and Google tracking code
  5. Save your settings
  6. Go back to your show overview and turn the show from “Draft” to “Live”
  7. Click the “Sales Page” button on your show overview screen to view the page
We are constantly updating the Hiro platform, so the layout might be different from the video below.
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