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Use a bit of machine-driven magic to turn premium content into private, piracy-proof podcast in minutes, with no effort on your part!

There’s not much work left for you after building your audio shows. If you followed the quickstart guide and wonder what’s happening next, here’s a brief outline:

  • Share your sales page, keyword or sample show with your audience on social media, your emails, ads and everywhere you want to grab traffic. Read this article for powerful tips on getting listeners.
  • When someone gets access to your show, they receive an email with their own unique access link. If they provided their phone number, the link will be texted to them as well.
  • The listener taps the link and will be taken to the Hiro app so they can download the app. If they already have the app, the show will automatically be added to their library.
  • Automatically send text messages, emails or in-app messages as they listen to your show (or stop listening to pull them back in). This increases engagement and opportunities.
  • Using the Hiro web app, see who listened to what and how much. Set up automations based on the listener behavior.

With Hiro, you unlock unbounded potential for your content to reach further. Your audio shows can be used to grow your list, sell more products, book more calls or simply as a new revenue stream.

This page is not to sell you on the idea, only to explain how it works. Check out the ”Why start an audio show?“-page if you want the hard sell!

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