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How do credits work?

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Credits are for legacy customers only. Hiro no longer sells credits for the SMS features.
This article explains what the credits are for and how they work

Credits go hand-in-hand with your Hiro phone number and SMS features. Members with a Hiro subscription receive credits each month as part of your subscription.

Why do I need credits?

Credits allow you to send SMS messages. This includes sending messages that give access to your show, automated SMS messages, broadcasts and single messages.

How many credits are used in a message?

The amount of credits used for a single message depends on the length of the message and if it includes emojis. We suggest you keep messages short and leave our emojis if possible.

What if I run out of credits?

If you run out of credits, we have your back. We gift you free credits to give you time to purchase more without interrupting your automated systems. We suggest you refill your credits as soon as possible.

You can also turn on automatic refill in your profile billing.

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