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Hiro mobile app overview

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Learn how to access it, add shows and find help

The Hiro mobile app is our exclusive audio player that is designed especially for content creators and their audience to have the best experience.

Available on both Apple & Android

The Hiro player app is available for both Android and iPhone.

Accessing a show

The first time you get access to a show on the Hiro platform, you’ll have to add the Hiro player app to your phone. After that, all shows will automatically be added to your library.

  1. Click the link in the access email or text. You will be taken to an access page where you can select either the Hiro app player or other podcast players.

2. Create your account in the Hiro mobile app.

3. Confirm your email and phone number. This is to ensure no one is pirating your shows.

26-Second Demo

Answers to common issues

I don’t see my show. Where is it?

Hiro app – this happens when your Hiro app login details are different than the details you used to access the show. To fix this, click the “Add” button and search for your show. An email and/or text message will be sent to you for verification.

Other apps – this is tough because all apps behave differently. The easiest solution is to download the Hiro player app and add the show to that player.

The access link isn’t working. It says the show is already installed.

If you click the link and it states that the show is installed, then you successfully added the show to a player. Please go to the player to access the show.

If you can’t find the show in the player, please read the answer above.

How can I add the show again?

If you need to add the show to another player or need access again, contact the show creator and request they send the link again. Each listener receives a unique link so if you are sharing the link, it will only allow for one install.

Can I listen on my computer?

You can add the show to Apple Podcast and listen to it on your desktop. Or your can request that the show creator embed the show into a web page for access.

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