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How To Create Automated Events (Automations)?

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To create automations, follow these steps:

  • In the Hiro Web Application, click on Automations
  • Create a new automation
  • Select the show you want to automation to occur (there is one show per automation and one automation per show)
  • Select the event that will trigger the automation. Options include when listens gets access, when listeners hits a certain spot in an episode, when listeners stop and don’t finish the show, when listeners start your show, on a specific date, and when they finish your show.
  • Next, select the action you want to have happen. Options include sending an SMS, email, push notification, give access to another show, or use a webhook to integrate with other platforms
  • Save the step
  • Add another trigger if you want more automations to occur
  • Repeat until all triggers are set up
  • Triggers are automatically turned on
  • You can pause a trigger by clicking on the dots at the end of the row on the Triggers list and select pause. You will see a red dot next to the trigger indicating that it has paused.

Short Demo Video

Long Demo Video

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