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Create shows using Ai

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Discover an amazing method to creating shows quickly using Ai technologies like ChatGPT and ElevenLabs.

We break down the entire process in our popular course, 30-Day Podcaster.

30-Day Podcaster is a NEW way to launch and grow a podcast – where you learn by actually taking action every day…for just 10 minutes a day!

By focusing on daily actions, you’ll build your show, grow your audience and learn how to profit over thirty days following daily guided workouts with your instructors, Michelle & Carla.

What to expect

1. Launch

Go from idea to premium podcast using Ai. You don’t even need to touch a mic.

2. Promote

Unlock fast growth strategies without ads…even if you’re starting from zero.

3. Profit

Turn listeners into paying clients without being salesy.

Join 30-Day Podcaster for just $1 with coupon code: SUMMER100

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