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Create Shows From Scratch

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Learn how to create your first audio show, step-by-step

Creating a show from scratch takes just a few minutes. Let’s walk you through the process.

Show Details

Your show details is the Title of your show, the creator, cover art and summary. These are all displayed in the player and you see a preview in Hiro as you create your show, so you can see how it all looks. You can also change the theme color to match your branding.

Cover Art

All plans have access to our cover art maker. Select the image 🖼 and color 🎨 and your cover art is made for you.

Advance plans can upload their own cover art.

Episode Release Time

The wonderful thing about Hiro is you get to control when listeners get access to your audios. There are three ways to release your episodes to your listeners:

  • Instantly – all episodes are available as soon as the listener gets access to your show. This is great for books or anything that you want them to binge listen to.
  • Time Release – Episodes are dripped out over a period of time. For example, the listener gets one episode a day. This is great for challenges or courses.
  • Date Release – This is like a traditional podcast where episodes are available on a specific date and time. This is great for ongoing content such as Q&A’s or special shows.
Time Release is the perfect option if you offer a guarantee period and you don’t want listeners to have access to everything until after the guarantee period has lapsed. You can release part of your episodes instantly and the other part after the guarantee period lapsed.

Access Period

Hiro lets you control how long listeners have access to your show. In other words, you can automatically “turn off” access to listeners after a period of time. This is great for creating urgency for your listeners.

  • Forever – The show never expires. This is great for audiobooks and courses
  • Audio Feed Expire – this is great for challenges or limited time courses
  • Episodes Expire – this is great for allowing more time with one episode over the others, such as the episode with a call to action.


Ownership is important copyright details so that if anyone ever duplicates your products, you can show your ownership.

  • Owner – The name of the person or business that owns the content
  • Owners Email – The contact email of the owner
  • Copyright – Business or person name that owns the content and current year

Access Email

Each listener receives an email with their personal access link to your show. You can edit the email or leave the default message.

The access link will be appended to the email automatically, even if you edit the email.
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