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Adding a Twilio phone number

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Learn how to add your own Twilio number to unlock all the SMS features.

Steps overview

  1. Purchase a phone number on Twilio. Please refer to Twilio help documents on how to do this.
  2. Log into your Hiro account (
  3. Click “Creator Settings” (bottom left menu)
  4. Click on “Phone” (at the top)
  5. Scroll to “Connect Twilio Number”
  6. Go back to your Twilio Dashboard and copy your “Account SID” in the Twilio Dashboard
  7. Go back to your Hiro account and Paste your “Account SID” into the field labeled “Account SID”
  8. Go back to your Twilio Dashboard and copy your “Account Token”
  9. Go to your Hiro account and paste the “Account Token” in the field labeled “Account Token”
  10. Hit “Connect”
  11. Your Twilio numbers will display
  12. Select the number you want to use in Hiro and hit “Save”

Steps with screenshots

Log into Hiro and go to Creator Settings

Copy and paste your Twilio details

Your Twilio details can be found in your account here

Twilio number verification

Your Twilio number must be verified by Twilio before they will send any SMS messages. Hiro will still send the message, but Twilio has to deliver them and they won’t do that unless you go through the verification process first.

What is 10DLC Verification?

A2P (Application to Person) 10DLC (10 digit long code) is the standard that United States telecom carriers have put in place to ensure that SMS traffic to US end-users through long code phone numbers is verified and consensual.

Learn more from the Twilio Website

What do I put in the verification application?

While every business is different and how you plan to use your number will vary, we put together a general guideline for the application.

Can I get help?

Twilio offers assistance with the application process. Learn more on the Twilio Website.

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