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Adding a phone number

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Learn how to add your own Twilio number to unlock all the SMS features.
You must have a Twilio number before adding it to your Hiro account.

You must set up your number in Twilio first. Please refer to Twilio help documents on how to do this.

How to add a Twilio number:

  1. Set up the number in Twilio
  2. Log into your Hiro account
  3. Click “Integrations” (bottom left menu)
  4. Add you “Account SID” and “Account Token” (these can be found in your Twilio dashboard)
  5. Select the number you want to use with Hiro
  6. And that’s it!

Log into Hiro and go to Integrations

Copy and paste your Twilio details

Your Twilio details can be found in your account here

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