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Anyone who has done courses or coaching knows that the hardest part about it isn’t getting people into the program. It isn’t creating the program. It’s getting clients time once they joined.

Time is our most valuable asset and we are more time strapped than ever. So it only makes sense that live workshops will be missed and replays won’t be viewed.

This is exactly what happened when we kicked off our new HIROX program. This program is designed for clients to get results fast. So we structure it in a way that they get all the strategy and skills upfront.

In other words, we host 2-3 hour workshops to help them get everything they needs so they can start getting results in the first weeks of joining.

But there was one MASSIVE problem.

It’s impossible to schedule a call where everyone could attend. Yes, they could watch the replay, but at best only a fraction would.

Rather than just pulling the audios from the coaching calls, we sat down and recorded the entire course in a weekend. The results were mind blowing.

How AUDIO Tripled Our Completion Rate

We released the audio version of the coaching program on a Monday. By the end of the week, at least half of the clients binged listened all the way through.

👉 50% completed the course 🎉
👉 20% are half way through
👉 10% are just started
👉 10% did nothing

Can I just say how grateful I am for this training! You are awesome and my confidence moved up another level. – Carrie

If you want to learn how to turn your course into a private, piracy-proof program so that your clients can learn without sacrificing productivity, book a call. We will walk you through the exact steps so you can get your clients results faster!

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