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The beauty of Hiro is that you can quickly create a powerful info-product and promote it anywhere…all in a single day. You can give your show away for free as a lead magnet or charge for it as a single offer or bump.

If those “bump” and “lead magnet” are little confusing to you, don’t worry. I’ll help you wrap your head around that too.

The goal should be more than money

Okay so you can make a lot of money using Hiro but if that’s your only goal, you’re missing out on a whole lot of opportunity.

Hiro lets create lasting relationships with clients based on trust.

If all you did was take some content kicking around on your hard drive, upload it to Hiro and turn around and sell it to your followers, you will make thousands in a day. At least that’s what happens with most Hiro user.

The beauty of audio is that most shows get a play-through rate of 90% – compared to the average 17 second play-through rate of video. Also, listeners are usually exercising, cleaning or driving as they listen. So it’s like you’re having a 1-on-1 conversation as they go about their day.

Higher play-through and focus turns cold leads into hot in 30 minutes. And creates a unique bond where they feel like they know you personally (it’s called ‘parasocial relationship’).

How Hiro can increase your impact & profits

There are all sorts of ways to use your private audio feed to increase profits, but here’s a few suggestions to get the ideas rolling:

1. Offer Bump – a “bump” is a small impulse buy that compliments the main product. It’s like the chewing gum you see at the checkout lane. If your main product is an evergreen course, the bump can be an audio version of that course. 

2. One-Time-Offer – a “one-time-offer” is the opportunity for your customer to get someone for a discounted price after they purchase the main product. For example, you purchase a camping stove and can get a cooking set for half-price at the time of purchase. Your audio version can be a one-time-offer to customers after they purchase your main product.

3. Membership Levels – the option to have an audio version of your coaching calls and/or products can push a customer from basic membership up to VIP membership. This can work well for summit or event passes too.

4. Main Product – as crazy as it might sound to just offer audio and no video, it’s actually really effective. Your audio can be your main product with access to older videos being a bonus. 

5. Lead Magnet – your audio feed can grow your list when you offer an audio version of a short book or mini-course.

Why Audio Works Like Magic

When I first started offering audio versions of my products, my business exploded. It’s one of the main reasons I went on to create Hiro – so others can experience that growth as well. 

1. Higher Completion Rate – videos require your customers to find time in their already jammed pack schedule to sit at the computer and watch. Audio, on the other hand, can be consumed anywhere. So customers don’t have to alter their schedule. 

2. Customer Get Results – when your customer can actually consume the knowledge, she can implement it as well. In other words, they start changing their behavior and start getting results quicker. 

3. Customers Come Back For More – when you are the one who changes your customer’s life, she will come back to you because they trust you. They know that you can deliver and that your experience is what gives them results.

4. Customers Retain The Knowledge – it’s scientifically proven that learning while in an active state helps you retain the knowledge more, rather than being in a passive state (like sitting). 

5. Less Distractions – Learning on the go means your customer isn’t tempted by emails, social media, news, or online shopping. They actually have greater focus and less distractions.

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