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Getting more listeners is about much more than just the sales. More listeners results in more useful data about your show & your audience, more growth on other platforms, and more opportunities to engage with new listeners and grow an online fanbase. That’s why knowing all the strategies you can use for more listeners – once your show is on Hiro – is crucial knowledge to all new creators who want steady, reliable income that grows.

Getting consistent listeners not only helps your business grow, but it gives you the opportunity to make a bigger dent in the universe. Here’s 11 ways to get listeners, even if you don’t have a following or a list:

1. Create a “honey pot post” on social media

By far, this is the easiest way to get listeners because it takes you about 2 minutes to post.

A “honey pot post” is 2-3 sentences that gets people to raise their hand and let you know they’re interested in your show. They’re far more effective than simply sharing your show because they create intrigue and far less ‘salesy’.

Here’s an example:

“I just explained in a private podcast the fastest way to lost 10 pounds a week without giving up cheeseburgers and shakes! Want access?”

Important! When someone comments, reply by letting that person know you sent them a direct message. Then message them with details and the link!

2. Tag @heyhirofm and @heycarlawhite

Whenever you share your show on social media, be sure to tag us! We will then share your show with our audience, getting your exposure to thousands of people!

3. Share a keyword opt-in on your podcast or interviews

This is the coolest new feature in Hiro that will not only get you listeners but grow your SMS list.

If you have a podcast, offer access to your show in the intro. Here’s an example:

“As a token of appreciation for listening I want to give you access to my $2000 training as a gift, All you have to do is DM me “keyword” to 605-640-5040 for instant access”

4. Use your Hiro Sales page and Profile page

Once you create your show, you’ll want to make sure you’re taking advantage of all the exclusive benefits to pimp your automatic sales page and profile to the best of its ability.

A high quality profile on Hiro is more likely to attract the attention of listeners, leading to more sales and new fans in the process.

Make sure you’ve got:

  • A high quality, correctly sized profile pic
  • A gripping creator bio Links to your social media
  • Quality artwork for your show
  • Results driven show description
  • A few sample episodes

Treat Hiro like you would any other of your social media profiles. Make people want to stay on longer when they’re visiting, rather than drop off early because you’ve got a pic of your cat in a Halloween costume as your profile pic.

5. Include links to your Hiro in all of your marketing

If you’ve really thought about your show release strategy, you’ll have left no stone unturned in your marketing approach – email, social media, website, press release etc, etc.

And while that’s all great, if you want to generate more listeners, you need to make sure all your marketing efforts are directly linking back to your Hiro profile.

How do you do that?

Well, with a direct link of course.

This means including a link to your Hiro in things like:

  • Your Instagram/Twitter bio
  • Your email signature
  • Your music bio, EPK or press release
  • A Hiro link on your website
  • Pinned as a comment on your YouTube vid

Marketing your show with a multi-channel strategy is great! But in order to actually transform this promotion into listeners, you’ll also need to be pointing your listeners in exactly the right direction.

NOTE: You can also promote your KEYWORD opt-in on all your marketing too!

6. Pitch to the Hiro team

We are always looking for great shows to promote in our social sites, newsletters, podcasts and more. Reach out to our team and let us know about your show and why it’s great! Be sure to include:

  • Your Hiro Profile link
  • Your Hiro Sales page link
  • our opt-in keyword
  • You can reach us at hello at hiro dot fm!

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