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A private podcast is an audio show that is gated. So to access it, listeners have to give you something in exchange. It can be email address, phone number or better yet, money. They purchase access.

How does a private podcast work?

A private podcast isn’t publicly accessible or discoverable. Instead, each subscriber gets a unique RSS feed that they can add to their podcast player or they can use the Hiro mobile app.

Unlike a public podcast that can take months to create and launch, a private show only takes a few minutes. And is a great way to grow your audience, brand and revenues.

When listeners get access to their shows, they can:

  • Listen to it on the Hiro app or their favorite podcast player (Apple Podcasts, Overcast, Pocket Casts)
  • Receive new episodes on their phone
  • Download episodes on their phone for offline listening
Podcasters can use their private podcast to:

  • Generate revenue from their audience
  • Deliver a course or challenge
  • Grow their SMS and email list
  • Engage with their community more

How to record audio for your private podcast feed

You can record your episodes however you’d like:

  • On your desktop, with a fancy microphone
  • Or, simply use your phone
  • Or better yet, just use content you already have like trainings or a course

Once you’re done recording, upload your audio to Hiro and Hiro will turn it into episodes and send it out to all your listeners. 

Listeners get notified by email and in the player app that a new episode is available.

Businesses and brands that are using private podcasts say they are much more personal and “human” compared to traditional email updates.

How to share the private podcast with your listeners

Now that your show created and your first episodes ready, you’re ready to add listeners to your show. Hiro gives you six ways to do this:

  1. Keyword opt-ins are one of the most common forms of a SMS consent. Mobile users simply text a keyword to a dedicated number and they are texted back their unique access link to your show.
  2. No-Code Sales Page is free with every show your create on the Hiro platform. You connect your Stripe account and set the price to access your show. Or you can give it away for free. 
  3. Manually, one at a time. You can add someone to multiple shows at once.
  4. Bulk upload a group of people with a CSV file
  5. Your own website or funnel and connect it to Hiro using our Zapier Zap. Hiro plays nicely with thousands of other platforms.

Once a listener gets access, they receive a welcome email with instructions on how to access the show.

If they provide their phone number, they get a text with the link and instructions.

The subscriber can either add the show to the Hiro mobile app or pick a player from the list. 

They selected their preferred option, and if it’s Hiro they’ll be taken to the app in the App Store to download first (if they don’t already have the app). 

Once they are subscribed, they’ll automatically receive new episodes when they are published.

You can also send them this tutorial, which shows them all the steps.

Case Studies: Steve, YouTuber

Steve started his YouTube channel to grow his community. He spent a lot of time creating quality content, editing the shows and making sure his topics are what people are looking for.

His efforts paid off and his has over 150,000 subscribers. He wanted an easy way to get their contact details so he could email and text them too.

This is where the idea of a “Member’s Only Private Podcast” comes in.

Steve was able to turn his ENTIRE YouTube channel into a private show with just one click with Hiro. He has a new product made in a minutes.

To make his Private Podcast even better, he added some “off the floor cuttings” as special episodes that his audience couldn’t get in his YouTube channel.

He created his Keyword opt-in and added it to all his show descriptions. He also shared it in all his shows, turning viewers into list subscribers.

Now anytime Steve launches a new product or event, he can just email and text his list creating sales faster.

Creators all across the Internet are looking for new ways to monetize their audiences, repurpose content and make more money without all the complicated tech. Hiro is the answer.

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