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Podcasting is HOT! And why shouldn’t it be? It offers a unique personal experience that the listener controls. Anything you want to listen to, when you want to listen to it, how you want to listen.

Why Use AI to Create a Podcast?

Imagine making content for podcasts that’s just as good as what you hear on a Top 10 podcast, but using far less time and effort. And you don’t need any podcasting experience to do it. That’s what we’re working on: an AI tool to make your podcast amazing without any additional work on your part.

Artificial Intelligence and chatbots are going to unlock podcasting’s Golden Age. Not only will they save you time, but they will help you create better content that engages listeners and connects with your audience on deeper level, creating a lasting impression in their minds.

The tools are out there. The technology is advancing. But creating a better product is only half the journey to making podcasts succeed. The other half is in giving listeners a reason to come back, listen and become invested in your podcast. So if you are looking for some great strategies for your show, here are some ideas on how to leverage podcasting’s next golden age!

What Software to Use to Create a Podcast With AI

Content really is king when it comes to podcasts, and the new technologies I’m going to share with you take your ability to create and distribute content to a whole new level. That being said, there are only a couple pieces of software you’ll need to creating podcast that make your process easier, more accessible, and more professional-looking.

Your Choice of Voice AI

The amount of money you spend on a studio setup can be used investing in a voice tool instead. This saves you not only equipment costs, but also time in recording, editing and transcribing.

Here’s a few to pick from:

  1. Murf.aiAI Voice Generator in 20 languages. 120+ realistic text to speech voices to create the perfect AI voiceover. Go instantly from text to voice with ease.
  2. Uberduck – Make AI voiceovers with 5,000+ expressive voices. Build killer audio apps in minutes with our APIs. Synthesize yourself with your own custom voice clone.
  3. Play.htAI Voice Generator with 600+ AI voices. Generate realistic Text to Speech voice over online with AI. Convert text to audio and download as MP3 & WAV files.

Your Choice of Copy AI

The next piece of software we’re going to need is an AI writing assistant to create the actual podcast content. After playing around with a few platforms, I realized just how much my copy fell flat.

You can have AI write your entire podcast, or create the outline using our Perfect Podcast Formula.

Here’s a few to pick from:

  1. – Jasper is by far the best AI writing software. Good templates, good output, and a killer long-form assistant.
  2. – Say goodbye to writer’s block! Simplified’s AI-powered longform content writer can instantly generate new, engaging copy for blogs, articles, essays.
  3. – That is the link to a lifetime deal on AppSumo. This is a great way to get started without betting the farm.
  4. – Rytr doesn’t have as many special tools or templates. But it’s still a respectable tool, and you can get it for a good price

The best thing with and private podcasts, you don’t need intros and outros to make them professional. Private podcasts cut the fluff and get straight to the meat and patatoes.

You also don’t need cover art because Hiro has a cover art generator. If you wanted to create cover art, there’s plenty of AI art tools, including creating incredible profile images of yourself.

If you want to follow along as we create our own private podcast soley with AI tools, follow us on Facebook and Instagram as we fumble through the process, refining it and making it easier for you to copy.

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