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Hiro plays nicely with platforms that you’re already using to sell access to your coaching, courses or other products. This post walks you through automatically shutting off access to a listener if a payment fails. 


1. Zapier account

2. Hiro account

3. Stripe Account

1. Select the trigger

Select the trigger that moves them from paying member to non-paying. This could be a failed payment in Stripe. It could be moving the customer from one email list to another. Or tagging them in a CRM.

2. Find the customer 

Stripe doesn’t show the email address in their cancelation data, so we need to go get it. We use the customer id to find their email. Your CRM might not require you to do this step.

3. Select Hiro app

Select the Hiro app. You might have to search for it.

4. Select “Find Customer Action”

We are now going to match the customer found in Stripe (or whatever app you’re using) to find the customer in Hiro.

5. Select “Email”

We have to tell Zapier to find the customer by matching the email addresses.

6. Select the Hiro app again

We are going to add a second Hiro app action to this workflow, so go ahead and select it again.

7. Select “Block Customer” feature

This action will automatically turn off their access to a product. 

8. Select the “Custom” tab and “Email”

When you click the drop-down, you’ll see all your listeners. Click on “Custom” tab and then select the field “Email”.

9. Turn it on!

This is what the parts of the finish Zap look like if you’re using Stripe. If you’re using a different platform, you might not have to “Find Customer” in that platform. 

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