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If you are adding videos or audios to another platform, like Dropbox, Google, or even Vimeo, this will save you a ton of time uploading them to Hiro too. This article walks you through the steps to automatically add episodes to your private podcast or members only audio show.


1. Zapier Account

2. Hiro Account

1. Log into Zapier and create a new Zap.
Open Zapier, log in and create a new Zapier Zap.
2. Select the trigger

Select the trigger such as adding a file to Dropbox or Google.

2. Filter what gets added

Now you want to filter the files so you only add the audio or video files. If you only have audio or video in your account, then you can skip this step.

3. Set the filter up

This snapshot shows you how to filter just for audio and video. Be sure to enter the values as they appear below in the fields.

4. Select the Hiro app

Now we are going to select the Hiro app so you can add the files to the right product.

5. Select the podcast where the episodes will be added

Select your account, then select the podcast you’ll be automatically adding episodes to.

IMPORTANT: Episodes will be in “draft” mode when they get added. So you will still need to log into Hiro and make them live. We don’t want anything going out without your blessing first!

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