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One Smart Cookie
Carla White, Tech CEO

Hosted by "The Queen of Apps"

This 100% free workshop is for you if...

Course Creator
Who wants passive income without members areas, slides and videos

Who wants to profit from your views and downloads without sharing your revenues

Industry Expert

Who wants to build instant authority and command higher prices

VA or Agency
Looking to add a premium service to your portfolio and win more clients
Online Marketing Newbie

Who wants an easier way to jump start your passive income


Who wants to learn how to publish books record time and keep the profits

Automate your sales

Automate your sales

Automate your sales

Automate your sales

Automate your sales

Grow passive income

Grow passive income

Grow passive income

Grow passive income

Grow passive income

Go Zero To Hero In Less Than An Hour

Is your business running YOU rather than you running your business? Let's fix that now!

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