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Exceptional features to grow profits

If you’re ready to ditch outdated platforms, we have the solution

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Craft Powerful Shows

In just minutes, create an entirely new podcast, audiobook or course. Convert your videos to MP3 or import straight from your YouTube Channel or existing podcast.

Sell Audio Products Online

Each Hiro show comes with a ready-to-go, no-code sales page, meaning you can start making money right away without the hassle of building funnels or webpages.

Monitor Your Gains

With Hiro, you'll know exactly who tuned in, when they did, and how long they stayed. We're talking real-time insights that let you connect better and grow faster!

Enjoy Automations

Boost engagement and transform listeners into buyers, all while you sit back and focus on creating more of your amazing content. Now that's smart business!

Love Your Life

Sit back, relax and pop a cold one because your life just got a whole lot easier by using Hiro.

Embrace the future

  • Piracy-proof your premium content
  • Control who has access & how long
  • Drip episodes for evergreen products

Tech skills not required

  • Ai-driven assistance
  • Import content from other platforms
  • Launch with no-code sales page

Set it and forget it.

  • Release episodes automatically
  • Trigger messages as they listen
  • Automatically add episodes

More Features, More Magic

Keyword Opt-in

Emails are great but SMS is the future. With 99% open rate, growing your SMS list is essential to profits. With a simple text, they get access to your show.

Ai Integration

With Hiro, artificial intelligence is your co-pilot, helping you create captivating headlines, gripping show summaries, and even transcribing entire episodes.

Episode Release

Whether you wish to drip-feed your episodes, set a specific release date, or grant instant access to your entire content library, Hiro empowers you to be in full control.

Embed Player

Beautifully and effortlessly add a show player to any website with easy copy-paste embed code.

Mobile App

Give listeners access through Hiro's own audio player app, designed specifically for your listeners and bundling your shows.

Full SMS Features

Automate messages as they listen, send out a campaign message to bring buyers to your doorstep, and have full conversations all through Hiro.

Listener Data

Know exactly who tuned in, when they did, and how long they stayed.

Tracking Code

Improve your ad conversions by adding your Facebook tracking code and Google analytics to you sales pages.

Zapier Integration

Hiro plays nice with other platforms. Use your own funnels and web pages and automatically manage listener access with our Zapier Zaps.

Your Domain Name

Set up your no-code sales page with your domain name to make driving traffic a breeze.

Device Data

See precisely which device your audience is using and their chosen podcast player for tuning into your show.

Kill Competition

Our features are crafted to give you a winning edge, empowering you to , even if they're industry giants.

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