Making audio the best thing for your business

Not a fad, this is the future

Hiro is the only product that gives you the power to combine SMS with audio, two of the fastest growing markets

Powerful features

Create and launch your show in an afternoon, no matter your technical skills 

Keyword opt-in

No code sales page

Mobile player app

Convert video to audio

Import YouTube channel

Import RSS feed

Zapier integration

Embed show

Targeted automations

Join the $5.9B audio market

Audio content is on the rise and for good reason. Shows get consumed longer than video, the listeners are focused on what you’re saying. Also, they are generally a higher class of customers.

Hiro is the easiest way to capitalize on that market without the headaches of creating a podcast or Audible book.


Test SPEED to 888-555-1212 to get my new interactive audiobook

Grow your SMS list

Emails are great but SMS is the future. With 99% open rate, growing your SMS list is essential to profits.

Hiro makes it easy with Keyword opt-in. Set a word that listeners text to your dedicated number, and they get access to your show.

Reach more people

You can also grow your email list with an audience of highly engaged subscribers with your built-in sales page. Hiro also intergrates with thousands of other platforms so you can sell your your own webpage or funnel. 


Thanks for joining the Comeback Challenge. Click the link to get instant access https://hiro.fm/yuXv




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Sell more products

Create laser targeted automations that trigger at just the right time, creating a more engaging experience and higher reply rates.

Set It & Forget It

Focus on clients, not tech

Higher Engagement

Stop fighting for attention

Track results

See exactly who listened and how much with our unique listener tracking. Know which shows are performing the best and more.

Scale with elegant automations

Build hyper-personalized experiences at scale with our automations

Do the tech yourself

Get a sales page with each show or embed your player in any site, just like you see here. No coding or technical experience required.

Connect to your favorite apps

Hiro plays nice with the tools you already use, like your own sales page. Replace one — or two — VAs with all the busy work you can automate via Zapier.

Hiro is a life changing product for course creators and coaches who are worried about piracy of their content.

Vamsi Pannala

Web Developer

Tested Hiro and immediately saw the potential. Amazing tool!

Dan Safkow

Chief Volunteer

I published my audiobook on Hiro and it’s been amazing! We love it!

Kimberly Caggiano

Web Developer

It’s the easiest way to build a list of hyper buyers and super fans.

Evans Putman

Podcast Sales Machine

I struggled to find a way to create my audiobook and then I discovered Hiro and it is AMAZING!

Kyrin Dunston

Founder of The Hormone Club

My Starrs are all killing it because Hiro makes it so easy!

Angie Norris

Affiliate Marketor

It’s audio that you get to turn into moola! It’s so good! So good!

Nellie Corrivea


OMG! This was by far the simplest way to create a digital product!

Angie Minucci

CEO at Teletch

Wow! What a fantastic idea. Pure gold.

Lewis Meltz

Independant Consultant

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