Frequently Asked Question

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What are the credits for?

Hiro is an “interactive” platform that combines both audio and SMS features, allowing you to send messages while your audience listens to your show. By providing your dedicated phone number, you can also grant access to your listeners who can send a text to the same number. The cost of each message is one credit, which may vary depending on its length. In addition, each month, your account will be credited with a set number of credits and a dedicated phone number, enabling you to make the most of these interactive features.

Why do I need a private audio feed?

73% of all US consumers love podcasts and audiobooks. They make learning fun! So if you don’t hop on the podcast train, know that your competitors are. Give yourself a competitive advantage with Hiro, and you’ll appear in popular podcasting apps that your customers are already using. Start your FREE trial today.

What do my customers need to do?

Your customers will receive an email or a text message with access to a single-install URL to your audio feed. They just tap a button to add it to the Hiro mobile app player. It’s frictionless!

Can I give away access for free?

Yes, you can give away access a few ways. You can set the price as ‘free’ and use the no-code sales page that comes with each show. You can also create a keyword opt-in that customers text to get access. Or you can connect Hiro to your other platforms using our Zapier Zap.

Are my Hiro audio shows private?

Even though your customers can listen to your content in the free Hiro app, your audio shows are completely private. If someone’s not a paying customer, they won’t get a private link. Bye, piracy!

What if I just have videos?

Bulk-upload them to Hiro, and Hiro will automatically convert them to MP3 files!


Can I cancel anytime?

Yes! Just go to your settings in the Hiro app and change or cancel your subscription. And if you’re not happy with your free trial, we’ll refund you in full, no questions asked.

Are there any limits?

No. There are no limits for episode length, or products. It’s your business – we’re just here to make sure you’re staying ahead of the curve!

Do you offer a white label solution?

Yes, we will create your own “interactive audible” so you can sell a library of shows to your audience. Our enterprise clients get their own branded app complete with their library of shows. All you do is give us access to the content and our team takes care of the rest. Apply Now

Do you provide support?

We have a world class support team that goes out of their way to make sure you and your customers’ experience is beyond expectations. 


How do credits work?

You receive a free phone number with your account so that you can send SMS messages. These can be used to let people get access to your show or to automate messages to go with your show. For example, you might want to share a website link to your listener and this can be done automatically. Each message is a credit.

Do messages stop if I run out of credits?

No. We keep sending your messages for a little longer to give you time to top up your credit acccount.

Can listeners message me back?

Not yet but that feature is coming very soon.

Must I use the phone number and SMS feature?

Of course not! SMS messages have a 99% open rate so they work best with audio because it’s all right in the palm of your customer’s hand.


Can you create my show for me?

Yes, if you want us to create your show for you, we can. Just send us an email and we will get you all set up.

Do you offer any trainings?

We have a daily live training where our CEO, Carla White, walks you through the process of using audio to turn consumers from “cold to sold” in one private podcast. Grab your spot here.

I have more questions. Can you help?

Please check out the Hiro Support site. If you don’t find your answer, click on the chat box and we will be with you shortly.


Can I get a refund?

You can cancel your account at anytime and a refund will be pro-rated to you instantly. Log into your account and navigate to Billing to cancel.

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