Wolf Den Crypto

Increasing token values by increasing community engagement through audio education

About Wolf Den

The Wolf Den is a cryptocurrency project. Their investor community is dependent on continuing education about the market and the Wolf Den’s activity as part of the crypto market.

Problems With Accessing Resources

Most of the on-going communication is done through a private Discord channel. The founders host weekly “Ask Me Anything” and town halls on Twitter spaces.

If a member missed a live event, finding it afterwards was challenging, causing members to not feel part of the ongoing project. As a result, the tokens wouldn’t be as valuable.

Solution with Hiro

Wolf Den reward community members for investing in their education about the market and token. With Hiro, not only could members find the resources they needed, but Wolf Den could automatically add tokens to a members wallet once they finished listening to episodes.


Discord and Twitter spaces are great for driving Cypto Communities, but they lack in organzing the information needed for tokens to grow. Adding Hiro’s interactive audio not only makes learning easier, but also allows the project to reward their community with tokens.

More case studies


Adding Hiro reduced refunds and drop-outs, pushing her business over $1M


Moving from bricks-and-mortar to online business on a budget and strict timeline


Increased community engagement by rewarding learning with tokens

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