Wei Houng

Increasing token values by increasing community engagement through audio education

About Human Optimization Technologies

HumanOp™ Technologies, Inc. powered by The ULT® is a company focused on creating and developing technologies to facilitate the optimization of human performance.

The foundation of all of its technologies is around a patented human assessment algorithm that has been touted as the most objective way to unlock and understand a person’s potential.

Because of the power of these technologies, a majority of Wei’s clients are 7-8 figure earners who live an extremely full life.


The core of the technologies is understanding individual assessments. Since no two results from the assessment are ever the same between any two human beings, each client must be coached on their own unique strategy.

Normally this would require Zoom calls and video trainings, but these clients have an extremely full life and have no other choice but to learn on the go through audio.

Security and Privacy With Hiro

As a former radio DJ and a prolific podcast host, creating audio version of his coaching was an obvious solution. Most important was the privacy and anti-piracy controls automatically built into the Hiro solution, allowing him to control who has access to his technologies.

Key Takeaways

Audio consumption has increased by over 50% since 2020. Over 75% of all adult Americans listen to audio on a daily basis, with the largest growing sector being female listeners.

Including audio in your business model opens up new opportunities in a market of people who are open to ideas and generally more affluent.

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Agency owner, author and coach to multi-million dollar businesses


Adding Hiro reduced refunds and drop-outs, pushing her business over $1M

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