Nina Rocco

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About Rocc Body Fitness

Nina is the founder of Rocc Body Fitness, which transitioned from a bricks-and-mortar business to online right before the pandemic.  Nina’s goals were to increase profits while cutting out the 12-hour work days she had while running her gym.

Problems With Transitioning from Bricks-and-Motar

Building all the systems required to creating a steady stream of income was one of Nina’s toughest challenges. It was a huge learning curve that required finding the right resources, skills and features that met her budget. 

Not technically savvy, Nina often found herself relaying on other people’s expertise and their availability. It also required a huge budget for the tools, team and time investment.

Solving it with Hiro

We spent a few hours setting up Nina’s first audio program. She offered it to her customers as an extra product they could purchase while joining her challenges. 

The audio version of her challenge was such a hit, she added more shows to her library, giving her clients even better results while adding to her bottom line.

End result

Nina now has a thriving online business coaching people to better health. She decreased her working hours to a few days a week while increasing her profits. She managed to do all of this without a huge budget, team or resources.

Her clients love the Hiro audios and are her biggest marketing machine, sharing her business and programs with friends and family.

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