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Hi ✌️, I’m Carla White,  the founder of Hiro.

I’m a nerd girl and spiritual junkie who loves to use technology for the greater good.

Fun fact: I’m the first woman to launch an iPhone app (which is still going strong).

For years I shared everything I knew about making apps, mindset and building businesses through online coaching programs.

I loved every bit of it…except making the videos. They were so labor intensive and expensive. I spent hours doing retake after retake, believing this was the only way to grow my business, Boy, was I wrong!

After weeks of recording, editing and putting together membership sites, clients simply never had enough time to watch them all. Even worse, they entire program was pirated and sold on other sites for a smidgen of the price. Months of building funnels, membership sites, videos, sales copy, emails, ads…down the drain. So I would start again with a new idea, hoping it would give my business a pulse.

During one of my 21-day challenges in June, 2019, one of my clients sent me a message asking for just the audios. “I know I won’t watch the videos. Just pull the audio and put it on a Google Drive, ok?”

I was desperate for anyone who joined to sign up. To be completely honest, I’d do anything to get clients through the challenge. I bribed them with gift cards, tshirts, even money. Audio? No problem!

I spent the next few days pulling the audios from the videos, uploading them to a Google Drive and then walked her through a process of how she can listen to them.

That’s when the miracle happened.

About a week later she went live in our Facebook group, sharing a very personal and shocking story. She binge listened to the first week’s content. Afterwards, her energy and outlooked changed.  Her teenage son noticed. And when she went to his room declaring they were going to have the best day ever, he confided in her a deep secret. One he didn’t feel he could share with her just a week ago.

Her son was contemplating suicide and had a plan. She immediately got him the help he needed and thankfully today their lives are completely different than they could have been.

I’ll never forget watching that live video, tears falling from my eyes, so grateful she was able to help her son. Instantly I knew that all my content had to be audio format.

I upgraded the Google Drive link to a Private Podcast RSS link which was marginally better but still a complete pain. Each month we spent about a week recreating the podcast from scratch.  The link to the podcast could be easily shared between friends. And I couldn’t track if someone actually listened to the podcast.


By the end of the challenge, clients were telling me that “I was in their head” and “I got addicted to listening to you” and “this is the first time I ever finished anything!”

My Inner Circle filled up and my business was finally taking off! Then March 2020 brought all of us an entire new life. 

With kids at home, hosting my coaching calls was like hosting a meeting in the middle of a Frat Party. My youngest was shooting cream cheese from his Nerf gun while other kids were turning our stairs into a ski jump. The constant interruptions felt unprofessional so I made the tough decision to close it down. 

I returned to my software development skills and decided to create the product that I wanted in my business for well over a year. I spent that Pandemic summer building out Hiro.

After months of hunched at my computer, laying out designs, working through features, measuring costs, I came up with our Beta product. Hiro Beta will release in June 2020 and is the future of learning. 

As we roll out the Beta, we already have eyes towards our v1.0 which will release in Autumn 2020. The features of that release will include:

  • automatic upload from Wistia, YouTube, Zoom, Vimeo and other platforms
  • Customer management system
  • Dashboard to monitor sales and consumption
  • Insert promo audios into your courses (got an upcoming product??)
  • And waaaay more

We are rewarding our Founding customers who jump in on our Beta product by giving Hiro at a discount as well as letting you help define the future of Hiro. We are limiting our Beta customers so be sure to get on the list! This is going to completely change the face of online learning!

If you have any questions, just reach out to us at [email protected]

Make bigger impacts!


CEO, Hiro Inc 

Let’s connect on Instagram: @heycarlawhite 

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